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Navajo Technical University

Navajo Technical University's mission is to provide university readiness programs, certificates, associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degrees. Students, faculty, and staff will provide value to the Diné community through research, community engagement, service learning, and activities designed to foster cultural and environmental preservation and sustainable economic development. 

The vision of Navajo Technical University is to educate Navajo individuals; utilize state-of-the-art technology; and to enhance desirable character traits of integrity, self-discipline, loyalty, and respect which give the Navajo people hope, courage, and the resiliency essential to their survival as a people, using the strengths inherent in the Navajo cultural values and traditions.

Overall, the University is committed to a high quality, student-oriented, hands-on learning environment based on the Diné cultural principles: Nitsáhákees, Nahátá, Iína, Siihasin.